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We are proud to have been assigned the Middle East coverage of MaK Marineengines since 2005. Through laying special emphasis on improving product support coverage to MaKs customers in the region, signs of the tremendous success we have achieved are now significantly visible in the entire fleets of our customers.

MaK provides medium-speed engines whose power ranges from 1020 KW to 16000 KW, thus covering the needs of all commercial and oceangoing crafts as well as pleasure boats through providing the following power solutions:

  • Main propulsion and onboard power supply, including emergency generator
  • SSingle or multi-engine plants and complete propulsion systems.


Since MaK Marine parts are especially designed for MaK Marine engines, the use of genuine MaK parts is of vital importance to ensure long-lasting performance and consistent durability. MaK Marine network provides customers with all their needs for propulsion systems.
Delta operates MaK Marine business through its sister company Unatrac International, whose sales and service network covers more than 20 countries in the Middle East, the Gulf region, and North Africa. Whatever the destination of our customers boats is, they can rest assured that they will beprovided with the best advice and most professional support for their marine engines.

Our main target is reaching ultimate customer satisfaction through offering complete solutionsparticularly in the field of propulsion systems. The main items we supply to our customers include:

  • Main Engines.
  • Generator Sets.
  • Conventional Propulsion Systems.


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